Home & Away widget


What about having a Home/Away widget on smartphones?

It will be really useful and quick, instead of going to the app and setting it with more than 5 clicks. A single click on the home screen will save us time!

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Hey @caznaran Thats an EXCELLENT IDEA! I will be sure to share that with our team to see what it would take to make that happen. I, personally, love my widgets. Super helpful and I absolutely see how that would be awesome widget to have. Thanks for the feedback! We’re glad to have you around :slight_smile:

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Glad to be heard! Can’t wait to see in my smartphone.

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Any news about this widget? Is being released this quarter?

No firm update, let me send an inquiry and keep you in the loop when I know more.

What a ridiculous company! No kind of integration with anything, you always say “great idea, we’ll do it”, but you’ve never implemented anything! Stop making fun of customers!
Never again YI-KAMI products!