Fake Alerts when turning On camera

I always have the Alerts ON, I just turn off and on the Camera (privacy mode) when I come back home.
When I turn it on I suddenly receive a movement alert because the camera is turning on and it detects a movement (it is its movement turning on).

Is it possible to delay the Alerts when turning the camera ON? Kinda delay the alerts for 5 seconds so you don’t receive this fake alerts and a video every time you turn on the camera?


Hey @Marco3253 Interesting! Thats a strange one. And a frustrating one. Let me bring this up with our team and do a little testing to recreate the issue. Once we understand the experience a little better, we can make suggestions on how to improve.

I’ll be in touch. Many thanks for your patience. Have a great evening!

Thank you for your reply!

Yeah it should be an easy thing I guess, let’s hope. Let us know!

Not sure what model the OP is using but its the same with the Dome Pro 2K

What model is your camera?

thanks for sending your camera model :slight_smile:

Mine is Dome U pro black

Hey @Marco3253 We’re working out small bugs in the software for this camera. It sounds like the camera detects motion when the camera privacy cover opens and its picking that up as motion. Not the best experience. I have reported this to our team and we will work to improve the alert notifications for the Dome U.

Are there any other instances when the alert notification is incorrect or only when you turn on/the privacy cover opens?