Downloaded video not saved in past week.

Are you able to send me the old app version from March. I really need to have our cameras to be able to download and save them for security purposes. It’s really hard to pull the SD cards from 24 cameras with a ladder every time we need to save valuable footage. It’s going on 2 months now that we haven’t been able to save our videos.

I am having the same problem now. My phone is android with the latest firmware. Photos and video captured/recorded use to save in my phone’s storage and will show in the gallery. But now it is stored in the app’s album and you cannot even download it directly to your phone. the only way to do it is to upload the photo/video in google drive then download it in your phone’s storage. kindly revert to previous version where I can save captured photo/videos directly to my phone’s storage.

The only way I can save video is to record it off the SD card, view album, select video and then share it to my phone messages and then download it from messages. I can’t figure out what happened to just saving it on the device directly but it hasn’t worked for months now.

Can I clarify your issue is that the camera is not saving to your SD card? If so, how old is the SD card - did it ever work? When was the last time you formatted the SD card?

Have you tried a different SD card in the camera?

What is the brand, class and capacity of the SD card?


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