Doorbell and cameras

I am new to this community.
I currently have 2 inside cameras, I am looking to add 3more, I would like one to be a doorbell, I see one is in the making but does the Ring off Amazon sync with the Kami system as well?

Also any tips, information and etc is greatly welcomed and appreciated

Hi @brookieebrook thanks for joining the forum!

The Ring doorbell camera does not sync with our system in anyway. Our Kami Doorbell will be worth waiting for though. We are packing it full of cutting edge features and like all our products it will be great value for money. If you haven’t already, please feel free to check out the threads about the Kami Doorbell below.

Sneak peek at the Kami Doorbell!

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Shame it will not work with a SD card and work just like the other cameras having to pay for cloud puts me off

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I can understand your disappointment with the lack of SD cars. It’s been done to ensure security and integrity of your data from the doorbell in the even of theft.

They are more easily stolen are doorbell cams.

That said what would be great is if Yi could add the ability to store footage to your own cloud storage - be that a nas (on same network) or a commercial cloud storage like google, Amazon or OneDrive.

I doubt that would be on the roadmap though. Other manufacturers don’t offer this functionality either (example Ring).


I know a lot of people with video door bells with SD cards it would have been nice to have a choice like you have with your other cameras I no it will put people off

Personally I prefer to use off device recording on a doorbell which by default could be more of a target for criminal removal. But I’ve used Ring since they were first introduced to the UK and very happy with them - despite the subscription fee.

I agree with you the choice of having an SD card for the doorbell would be a choice for others. I know a friend does have one he uses a SD card in but the look of the camera and the app are just junk compared to the likes of Yi and Ring. Of course Yi and Ring cost more.

I don’t think Yi to be fair to them ever said or have the impression that the Kami doorbell would have SD card capability indeed the marketing literature comments why the cloud is like it is. What they could look at is maybe improving the capture capability - maybe 30 seconds, no cool down and reduce the seven day storage to maintain a cost effective product for the consumer and the business.

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@YorkshireUser That is probably the most eloquent answer I have seen yet for why we’ve decided against having an SD card slot for the Kami Doorbell.

@shireking It is to ensure the security of your data. All data is encrypted and stored in the region in which the camera is located. If your are in the US, your data is stored in the US. If you are in the UK, your data is stored in the EU, for your region. ENCRYPTED.

We have added security measures to prevent theft with tamper proofing but as we know criminals can be creative.

With cloud storage, you’ll always ensure that your data is safe.

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Let’s be fair. A off the cuff criminal will not care about CCTV of any type but they will choose to go elsewhere if there is one with no cameras. For those that are career criminals they will case the area first. If they notice a doorbell they usually press the button to check if anyone is home.

If they realise it is a smart one and still want to break in they will smash the doorbell or rip it off the door. An sd card your data is gone.

For me a smart video doorbell is to assist me with who is at the door to assist parcel collection and to open the door remotely if I am either away from home or not close to the front door. Not so much the security side of it. With that none of my external cameras have cloud based storage. Which I have used for many many years.

The only good thing with SD card storage is if they could record without the internet which of course cloud based systems can not cope with.

Agreed. I’d like to see a camera capable of easy addition to Apple Home or Google Home to control centrally wi all your other smart devices.

I’m really skittish about any kind of subscription service because it seems to be the preferred way of software vendors to hook you, and fees can pile up real fast if you think about it.

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