Caught on YI & Kami Videos

Every day YI & Kami users discover something new on their cameras, it could be cute, scary, exciting, or just straight-up hilarious. If you caught something on YI or Kami that had you rolling on the floor laughing, or that left you shocked because it turns out your pets are party animals - Feel free to share those videos with the community! Let us laugh and cry with you! Please be aware that this forum IS public, so do not share anything you wouldn’t want your kids, parents, professors, dentist’s or bosses to see! :laughing: If it’s too good to keep to ourselves - we may even share it on our social media!

Can’t wait to see what you’ve caught on your Kami! :camera_flash:

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Hey @Pyrozman29, the video did not populate, can you try upload again, perhaps with a YouTube link?

Daughters funny face testing :grin:

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Squats with brother



A little issue with the Christmas tree


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Timber! Oh no! How did that happen?? Great clip @Pyrozman29 Thanks for sharing!

I think as the tree was drying out it shrunk and wasn’t being held as tight. Luckily it wasn’t Christmas morning with the kids under it. Only lost a few glass bulbs but everything was pretty easy to put back together.

Yeah would have been worse on Christmas morning for sure! :sweat_smile:

Meteor caught on YI dashcam

@Nat WOW! What an amazing clip! :clap: :eyes: :comet:

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This a buzzard trying to catch another bird. The buzzard is closely being followed by another bird and you can hear it hit the gate if you have sound on

This here is a little bird investigating what the little blue light is

This is a crow falling out of the sky. Literally
(This is an zoomed in portion of the full stream)

Nice! Really great clips @Brian! That first clip is pretty epic. A close escape and the buzzard seemed to connect with that gate quite hard.

Yi dash cam to the rescue. We attended a local Christmas light display and when we got home my 3 year old kept saying she wanted to see “grandma runned over by reindeer” again. I was able to download it and crop it for her to watch over and over.

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@Pyrozman29 Great footage! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

That’s incredible! I loved “grandma got ran over by a reindeer” growing up. How special that you’re able to make this video for your daughter.

It’s cold here but the cameras keep doing their thing. Amazed at the ability of them to work in extreme temps. Kami wired, kami wirefree, and the other is actually a Yi Home Camera 3 mounted to an outdoor overhang.

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Impressive that especially that you are using a camera meant for indoor use in a protected outdoor environment and getting those results.


@Pyrozman29 Awesome shots of that EXTREME cold. I take one look and know that I am not as tough as you are thats for sure! LOL.

It’s absolutely stunning to see that “winter wonderland”. It is impressive to see such high quality footage in such sever conditions. Thank you so much for sharing

Can anyone else top -0 degrees??

How do you post videos on here

I just did a little research and you may be able to post short mp4 files on the blog. If not, would you mind sending me the video? I would love to post it on our social media platforms :slight_smile: