Case closed! Thanks to Kami

I have cameras on one property we own in the country. They YI and Kami outdoor cameras monitor it well.

We have had an issue over the last few years maybe twice a year where we would find a black plastic bag of rubbish at out entrance gate.

This was very frustrating as dumping is a problem in the countryside in Ireland not to mention irresponsible

Since I put the camera at the gate in Feb 2020 we had no issue until yesterday we found a bag

After reviewing the footage we realised it was a community effort. One man picking up roadside rubbish and depositing it there, to be collected by the local council next day or after.

While not the biggest issue in the world its nice to know and not stress about what we thought was illegal dumping

@Brian That’s incredible! Thank you so much for sharing and what a wonderful community effort :heart: