Can't scroll through Sd card recording

I have 2 1080p dome and 1 Yi outdoor camera with SD cards. Over the last few months, I cant check any of later camera recordings for a day as it scrolls back to the first recording in the day. For example, if I try and scroll to a recording at 12:00 noon or maybe 13:00, it would work but as I try get to any later, it starts playing back from first recording in the day.
I have firmware version


@ranjanx I can see that firmware is for the YI 1080p Dome camera. My first question is, does this issue occur with all three of your YI cameras? If so, I’m thinking this could be an issue with the microSD cards. If this only relates to one camera or both your YI Home 1080p cameras, there could be an issue with the this model camera or the firmware version. Please contact our customer support at to further address this issue. Refer with ticket #426265.

Hi Patrick

Thanks for reaching out. Its with all three Cameras and I know that wasn’t always the case. From memory, its been happening since one of the updates on ios app. I’ve written to support team too now.


@ranjanx I was able to find the email you sent to us regarding this issue. I will correspond with you directly through that email to try and resolve this matter.