BETA TESTER REQUST: Owners of Yi 1080P AI+ cameras. We need your help


I would be interested in Beta testing your cameras.
I have 1 outdoor YI abd 1outdoor YI IoT, 1 indoor YI 1080, 1 domeguard.

thank you.

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I will test - currently I have 4 cameras

Hello @Steven_Kami, I am interested in Beta testing the car cam.

@Steven_Kami I am interested in testing.

Hello Steven,
I am interested in beta testing any 1 or all of your products that may be available, if you still have openings. I am new to your product line. I’m level expert, QC, beta testing both hardware and software environments. I’ve worked over 30 years in the cctv and surveillance industry. In Design, installation, maintenance, monitor and repair. Posses extensive knowledge in about every aspect with these types of equipment.
Thank you Sir
Have a great day

I would love to beta test as well. I have 8 outdoor yi/kami and 2 indoor 1080p and doorbell camera. I use sd cards and love to adjust motion and find out when person detected is not really a person.

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Hi, Steven; love to be a beta. Have 8 body cameras and 6 ipcamera; have been a computer geek for years. Current project: smart door lock and wifi extenders


Count me in. I have almost 10 cameras