Beta Tester Program Criteria

Dear YI and Kami users,

Upon each product launch, we’re inviting 10 to 20 users to test our new products prior to launch. In the first place, we definitely want to collaborate with those users who are regularly engaging with our brands. With that said, in order to grow your chances of being selected, make sure to do the following:

1… Sign up for our VIP List

2… Be active on the forum. Ask questions, provide suggestions, support other users. The more active you are on the forum, the better!

3… Share an experience with our cameras here.

All the above efforts allow us to gauge your experience with our products, and help us decide who to invite into our beta program.

We have had 20 users test our Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera and it has been a wild success! Now, we’re warming up for Doorbell testing.

No time to waste! Get on it!


Nice idea. This will allow you to better listen your users and find edge cases :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly the purpose of the program!

Started here today and doing the item. I hope that i can to learn a lot and share my experience too.

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Thanks @Juarezpj really appreciate it :wave:

Please choose me please for testing new product

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I’m game! Will the doorbell camera wire into existing 12v transformer?

I have a Kami smart 1080p on micro SD… would the doorcam affect this?

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Hey @CamKam

Are doorbell is compatible with most 12v transformers. Are using a digital chime or a mechanical chime?

The doorbell will have no affect on your 1080p w/ SD card. It’ll just add another camera to your app giving you even more coverage of your home! :slight_smile:

Hi Stevan_Kami…
We have a mechanical chime. Yes, the doorbell camera would be the perfect addition. The Kami Mini covers the street quite nicely!