App Updated to Version: 5.0.0_20210828

With the new app update I have lost the ability to see the timeline on the main screen when I have my camera view on full screen. You have to drop back to the minimized view, and hi the “Activity” tab. Then you can scroll the timeline to a specific time. This is very inconvenient, because you have to scroll the time line in minimized view rather than full screen. Why did they do this? Are there plans to put it back on the main screen again? I do not like that I have to drop back and can only view the timeline in minimized view. I use an SD card, not the cloud.

A message was sent to my phone from Kami Home:

A message about your new app update


We value our community. Your feedback is important as it helps us create a better app for all to enjoy. We are aware of the issues with video playback and are actively working on a fix. Please check back in 48 hours for an update. Thank you for all your support and patience.

Will the fix resolve the above playback issue and update the YI Home app to the older version before the app was updated?


This update seems to have also removed the ability to minimise the camera view to a small subscreen that you can overlay while using other apps? It was a small button on the bottom right of the camera view before but I can’t find it in the new update. If it’s gone for good I’ll be getting a new camera.


We are taking all feedback and greatly appreciate everyone who sends us feedback so we can address any bugs that came up on the new release. There are so awesome UI improvements and with big changes unexpected things to happen. Thanks for coming Please refer to this forum thread for more information in regards to the new app update fixes.

Thanks for the response, though just to clarify are you saying that the function to minimise the camera view and overlay it on screen while using other apps was unintentionally removed and will therefore be fixed in a future update? Thanks.

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Exactly this, I needed that minimise tab… Nope it’s gone… It’s there a way of putting it back?

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Also seems you can only view recorded footage on your SD card from the current day. And whenever I do go to view the footage (only on the small screen) it goes right to 12am and it takes forever to get to the current time. And pressing “live” just sends me back to 12am. Simply horrible update.

Hey @Robosledge Can you check your time settings on your phone? Try turning it to 24 hr clock and see if the problem persists. SD card play back is still available. Follow this link to learn a little more about navigating SD card

We hear your feedback and are working to get these features back into the app in our next releases. We thank you for your feedback and hope you are doing well.

Thanks for the reply Steven, much appreciated.

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This update is so bad why remove the ability to scroll through time in full screen mode ? Who would think this was a good idea? What time scales do you have to fix this issue ?

I think it is more a defect than a feature.

I need scroll in fullscreen due to long distances,without this feature i have no use of my 5 cameras.
And i need the feature when you wieved a notification you could choose to continue to watch from SD card for a full overview of things happening.

I vote for a rollback.


There is something else missing: in the previous version there used to be the time stamp in the screen in hh:mm:ss. Now only appears “live”.

I have not been able to deeply check the new version but when there was a problem with the connection, the time stopped and we could realise about it easily.

Does the “live” message disappear in case of loss of connection?

Thank you

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Hello All - thanks for your patience. Some of the features you’re talking about have been removed by mistake or did not make it in the release for some reason. We are working hard to get this added back as quickly as possible. Things like time stamp, picture and picture, scroll in fullscreen are coming in the next releases.

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Sorry to sound so negative but is it possible to roll back to the previous IOS app? - it was much better! The layout, the features. I can’t see a single improvement in this new app.

I understand your instinct to want to rollback. We are releasing an update early next week to address bugs and missing features. We really tried to simplify the app and I do believe that once you get used to the new UI, you will appreciate its simplicity compared to the previous user interface. This was not an ideal release. We have put in many protocols to prevent future mishaps with release. Thank you for your patience and support.

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patience ran out a MONTH ago!