Annoyances with Desktop App

My latest complaint about the desktop app is that I recently installed a KAMI DoorBell camera. Its making me crazy. The desktop app WILL NOT connect to the Kami Camera unless I also connect to it on my mobile phone. It will just sit there with the waiting icon and 30% forever until I also try to connect with the mobile phone. Then they will bot connect. Now if (on the mobile phone) I switch camera or close the mobile app the desktop app will soon loose the connection with the kami doorbell camera. This happens all the time and is very repeatable. And it seems to only happen on the Kami doorbell. The other yi cameras do not behave this way.

I hate having to log in every time I start my desktop app. Why require it. You dont require it on the phone then why require it on the desktop. I login to my desktop every time I use it. It is annoying to also log into an app that is running on a device that I am already logged into.

The Desktop app will often just disconnect for the camera. Could be the cameras fault but it is annoying.

Maybe the PC software needs updating to enable waking of the doorbell camera?