All seven cameras stopped exactly same time

Hi all
I’ve have 7 cameras from 720,1080 and dome it’s a mixture and all stop last night and none will reconnect. Is there a way without starting from scratch to get them connected again?

Any advice would be welcomed

I’ve reset all of the cameras but two of the 1080 ones will go all the way through the reboot and connect to WiFi but get stuck at the following retrieving pairing screen

Check the other thread, there are several having the same issues. Something is screwed up seriously

Im sorry but I can’t find the thread you are referring to?
If you suffer a power cut do the cameras need to be reset to reconnect?? I’ve not had this before but I would expect the cameras to reconnect automatically. Basically I missed around 12 hours due to the power cut, this can’t be right I will have to get some new ones as I can’t reset each time

Any chance of pointing me in the direction of the other thread?


@Mr_D I apologize that your cameras are all offline. I see you mentioned two of your cameras connect to the Wi-Fi in the pairing steps but then get stuck. Normally, you shouldn’t have to reset the camera if the power goes out. That is the same thing as unplugging the camera. Once the camera is reconnected to power, if the camera is still paired to the Wi-Fi network, the camera can be viewed in the app with your phone using a Wi-Fi or cellular network.
To properly isolate this issue, please try the following:

• Reboot your router. (Unplug it for 5 - 10 seconds and plug back in)

• Move the camera to next to the router and reboot your camera. (Unplug it for 5-10 seconds and plug back in)

• Ensure that there are no obstructions that may block the signal between the router and the camera.

• The installation distance should not exceed 33 feet.

If the indicator light on the camera is blinking, there is a connection issue with the camera to the router. If the camera light is solid the connection from the camera to the router is working fine.
If this doesn’t work you may need to repair the camera in the app. Please refer to the link provided.

Hi Patrick

Thanks for your comments, my concerns are this has happened a few times when the internet has dropped out. If I am away from home, I can’t reboot the router or move the cameras next to the router. They are located in the areas they are needed and prior to the outage they are all connected and working. The 1080p cameras won’t re connect I’ve tried all the steps and I am sending them back to Amazon as defective. I have BT home mesh setup and the connection is good all around the house so it shouldn’t matter being near the router. Repairing the cameras in the app is what I had to do to get them to work was delete them and re install. Which quite frankly is ridiculous as they should like you say auto reconnect when the internet is back up, however these didn’t. I also have mi cameras with Xiaomi home cameras and home security and those cameras didn’t re connect either once the internet was back so there is a flaw somewhere.

Mine do a similar thing. If the internet goes out for even a second the cameras all drop off line and then the app for Android, iPhone and the PC all will just sit saying “connecting” but nothing ever happens. You have to restart the apps, log back in and reselect the cameras and wait for them to reconnect.

Not ideal I’ve had two incidents that have been missed as the cameras have stopped due to this. Ridiculous really I didn’t even get them to re connect just wouldnt have it kept saying offline

I’ve noted the issue in my report. Thank you for keeping us updated @wirlybird and @Mr_D. Much appreciated!

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Incomprehensible. I have reinstalled the app. Reset the router. Checked that the frequency is right. I pay quartely installments but the cam is not useable.

I just managed to find out the problem. The wifi router (which is new) had for some reason blocked internet access to the camera.

Hence it connected to Wifi but could not pair!

Hope this helps someone else

Thanks for letting us know @Mats :raised_hands: