2 versions of Yi pc software, different features

hello everyone, i own the floereon smart pan and tilt dome cameras, i have found 2 versions of the pc\laptop software. Yi Iot, and the Yi Home version, Yi Iot has the feature of being able to rotate the camera from my laptop, the Yi home version does not have this feature, but does have the record and snapshot feature, which Yi Iot version does not.
Is the a version that has both features, and if not, why have they not been combined into one version.
An example of what i have to do is, if i am panning one one version, and i want to record something i see, i have to switch to the other software to record it. And vice versa, if recording on one version, i cannot pan camera around.

Hi @nosscar, thanks for joining the forum. I actually did not know there was a YI IoT PC desktop app :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Do you mind sharing the download link?

Says for pc or mac just
pick the one
you need

there are 2 versions for pc, but both have different features that i need, be better if combined to one


i think it is this one

Hey @nosscar, sorry but that YI IoT app is actually not supported by us. We can only provide support for products on the official YI Technology website. https://www.yitechnology.com/

I will note down that you have requested pan and tilt functionality from within the YI Home desktop app though!

For Yi Dome 1080p there is pan and tilt function. Is it true that Yi Dome U pro don’t have this function when we use it on pc desktop software ?