Yi Kami new app

Ok, downloaded the new Kami app, and camera is communicating, but how do I move the camera with the Kami app? The directional arrows that are on my yi iot old app are not on this one?

Have you tried downloading the YI app the newest one it has solved most of my problems all now I want is to have a time stamp on saved videos
Have downloaded the new update today 31.12.2021 vast improvement can now see videos of yesterday’s videos
Time stamp on recorded videos would be a great idea

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Yes, the Yi Home app is my new app, but I cannot move my camera with new app.

Hey @shireking We are working on getting the timestamp in all camera models. It will be very soon that you will see this in your app :slight_smile:

Any idea when the new update will arrive thank you

I heard in a meeting last night we are shooting for next week. Let me find out for sure and will update this thread.