Yi Home app : Bad French translations

I am a french owner of Yi Dome camera, and I use the Yi Home app on iOS.
I want to report a lot of issues with the french translation of your app : it’s so badly translated into French, most part of the homepage is incomprehensible.
So please correct these words and sentences.

example : word in English = corrected translation :+1: (not “bad current translation:-1:)

Home = À la maison :+1: (not “Accueil” :-1: )
Away = À l’extrérieur :+1: (not “Une façon” :-1: )
Cameras = Caméras :+1: (not “Appareils photos” :-1: )

I hope developers will read this topic, so these issues will be fixed with a future update.

Hello Thomas, thank you for joining the forum and for letting us know about this. I have passed your message to the Product Team.

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There is a typo in my last first message, sorry :

Away = À l’extérieur


Hey Thomas, no worries! Thanks for letting me know!

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