Wi fi password incorrect

I have working cams at our old house on wifi, trying to set up some old and new cams on different wifi at a new house.
At new house I keep getting wifi password invalid., I know it is valid and a non 5g line, I even tried directly next to the router. Help please. can I use same app with cams on diff wifi?

Not sure if this will help but the one thing you must do is have the phone you are using to set up the camera logged into the WIFI network you are trying to set the camera up on.


@barbduck A Wi-Fi password error is usually related to one of three things. Either the Wi-Fi password was entered incorrectly (type the password for the 2.4GHz), your phone is connected to the incorrect Wi-Fi band (2.4GHz only, unless the camera is a Kami Indoor) or the location services for the app are disabled. If you are using our old app version, the location is needed for the camera to be configured in the app. Our new app version allows you to manually enter the Wi-Fi name along with the Wi-Fi password without allowing the location to be used.
As long as your Wi-Fi networks are all 2.4GHz the camera will be able to pair with your network. You can use the same app or different apps (YI Home or Kami Home).