"Where is my cloud footage from yesterday?" and "But I do have a subscription!"

So I just finally broke down and bought another subscription. This was because I was having an issue with the one I had bought through Apple that you were not able to link to my account and customer service wasn’t replying so finally I just got a refund. But then I decided to give you another chance and this time purchase one off your website rather than through my Iphone and Apple. So I did that on Saturday and it seemed as if all was working fine (except for some parts of your app appear to not recognize the fact that a subscription was purchased) but then this morning I moved the thing from Home to Away and realized I had forgotten to turn it back to Away all day and when I got home there was nothing in the cloud at all for any of the cameras. The only recordings it seems are the ones from my sd cards that are in them. It seemed as if my cloud subscription wasn’t linked to my cameras and didn’t capture anything all day. And then I needed to re-attach them to my subscription. How did they get unattached from it in the first place? And am I right in the fact that even though we move it from Home to Away the cloud service should still capture everything but just not notify us? That is what is stated in the literature. So now I don’t know if the reason my footage is missing because of my subscription losing connection with my cameras or if it is because I changed it to the Home option instead of Away? And one last thing, once this is attached back to my subscription correctly can you please figure out a way to let the entire app know and get rid of that annoying Free Trial offer that is only good to first time users? The whole account seems to not be on the same page as far as whether I have a subscription or not because in some places it says I don’t and in others it says I do. Any assistance you can give me would be much appreciated!

Hi @CherylBuc, I’m not sure how or why your cameras become unattached from your cloud plan if it was working fine.

I included a quick clip below about how to attach them, in case anyone reading this is wondering.

In regard to you question about the ‘home and away’ buttons. Yes you are correct, for most cameras, when in home mode clips should still be uploaded to the cloud, but 6 second alerts clips will not be created and there will be no push notifications. The Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera is a bit different though. When in home mode clips are not uploaded to the cloud, as motion detection and cloud uploads are disabled at the camera level. I’m guessing to save battery life.

You can just ignore the ‘start your free trial’ message in the app. I know it’s annoying. I will speak to the app team about how we can stop that from being shown to people who have a cloud plan.

Just to confirm, is everything ok now? Clips are being uploaded to the cloud as normal?

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I think so but I’m wondering why it says that I’m not on the same WiFi network as my cameras when I view their status. Underneath where it shows you their strength on the Network Connectivity tab it states, “Please connect the phone and the camera to the same network.” And also on the other tab it never shows the Router Packet Loss or Internet Packet Loss anymore. I thought it used to. Did they make changes to that? I believe I am on the same network as them so do you know why it would say this?

Hey Cheryl, it’s not saying that your not on the same WiFi network as your cameras, it’s just a message to let people to know connect the phone and the camera to the same network when running the test.

What is the other tab you’re referring to? Do you mind uploading a screenshot?

Did they change that because I thought that it used to say something like “you are both connected to xyz” or something like that? And the other thing I was referring to is under Info and it is Router Packet Loss and Internet Packet Loss. I used to have numbers there but now I don’t any now.

Now I have another question - I know for sure that someone is hacking into my camera and I don’t know how they are doing it. And I think I know who it is but they are denying it. Is there any way you can see what has happened if I give you the dates and times when they have “gone out” and I’ve needed to reconnect them? When you reset one it should delete all of the old login info from it, right? What if they aren’t? What would happen if someone logged into them using a previous WiFi name and password? Could it be possible that they would “fight” over the possession and make my connection weak and say that I’m having trouble connecting? I know things say that a reset deletes old stuff but my router still has my old WiFi name on it and I can’t get it to delete. Not sure if it picks it back up again once it connects to one of my WiFi things or not. I need a computer guru to come and fix my computer stuff! Lol

Hey @CherylBuc the only way someone could gain access to your cameras is if they have your username and password. If you think that could be a possibility, then definitely change your password.

And if you’re experiencing some strange happenings with your computer it might pay to install some anti-malware software.

Thanks! I’ve done both.

Ok good to hear! One more thing, you can also add a pin code to your cameras for extra security.

Try and get that thirty day free trial removed and they say oh its a second account that was added. Then they wanna charge ur credit card for that account. Read my story thats been going on for almost a month. They locked up my credit card and bank account. I had to put a fraud alert on my account, its disgusting what they are trying to do. Watch that 30 day free trial. They’ll get u right there. Good luck and oh I tried the same thing with a second chance and they tried to take money out again friday

Hi @cvsw9y, I’m very sorry to hear you have been having this trouble. I’m sure it’s very frustrating. Please be assured though, no-one is trying to rip you off. Everything to do with the app and cloud is highly automated and sometimes things go awry and we need to try and figure out what exactly went wrong. Hopefully our customer service team can get to the bottom of for you without too much more back and forth.