What happen to being able to playback the whole 24hs of a day

I very badly need to see about 15minutes of my recording from my cloud. I have always been able to go back find the motion activity then get the option to watch and download like 10 mins at a time. What is going on? And if this change was made why was i not informed? I believe I should be able to somehow retrieve that video from cloud beings that I was never informed of this change. How can they do this. I have 5 cameras and a doorbell I have the most expensive cloud plan. This is ridiculous. Now it’s saying like crv or cvr needs to be activated. Well that’s fine and I’ll get that now if it’s the case but will I then be able to see 24 hours of continuous recording from the 17th. Like what do I do I’ll pay I’ll contract anything. Please help. I need a sd card but I never needed one b4 I’ll get one but this 15 minutes I was expecting to see from a company I put a lot of trust and thought into picking has really let me down by never informing me of this change. Does anyone else feel this way or lost footage or know how to help???
Sorry so long I’m in a pannic

Hello. When was the period of time (date and time) you require and was this in line with the cloud plan you are subscribed to? If it is I would have thought that footage would be available.

Looping in @Steven_Kami to see if he can help further.

My understanding is that no previous data can be accessed unless recorded as the data protection regulations. But Steven might know more.

It was my livingroom camera Sept 17th from 3:10pm to 3:40 pm idk what plan I have but I used to be able to download 10 min clips at any point of the day then all the sudden I truly need one not just doing it cause I’m bored n it Like don’t give me the option now

Could the plan have expired? In your cloud recordings what is the latest date you can find?

If you click into the Settings of the camera what does it say under ‘Cloud Storage’?

No the cloud was active until Oct 15th
I just today got the free trial of the cvr cloud n I’m gonna be charged129 but even On there I cannot get a 24 hour recording or a recording when there is no motion I need the recording from my living room camera September 17th from 310 to 340

Oh and the cloud storage is active yes

Perhaps @Steven_Kami can help in terms of checking your account