Unable to connect with mobile network

Hi and thanks in advance for your help. I have 2, 1080p dome cameras at home. They can connect to the app fine when on wifi. However, when I use the app away from home on the mobile network I get 3003 error

I have recently changed my network provider but it worked fine before the change so not that.

I am stuck now and need to be able to connect remotely to keep a check on pets.

Thanks for your help, Again I do appreciate it.


@majestic143 I apologize that you are not able to view your camera in the app when connected to your mobile network. You mentioned before you changed your mobile network provider, everything worked fine. What provider were you using before and what provider are you using now? As long as you have an internet connection with your phone, you should be able to view the camera remotely. In the cellular settings for your phone, does the app have access? Are you able to view the camera when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot away from home?

I was on O2 and have switched to Three network. Yes I have internet connection but keep getting 3003 error. I have checked setting for app but still the same as before. I will check using a Wi-Fi Hotspot when at work tomorrow. Thanks

This still does not work for me on mobile I can connect via wifi but nothing with mobile


@majestic143 I apologize for this issue. I found the ticket you created with our customer service department. I will further address this matter within that ticket.

I am on three uk too, and i am able to connect fine if that helps troubleshooting

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I have EE and Three. With EE I can connect fine however when I switch to Three I can’t connect either.

Any help appreciated as Three is my main sim :frowning:

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My wife has just complained she can only get to 30% connection on three uk too. I am still able to connect fine via mobile, therefore this could be a OS issue, i am on android 10 and she is on ios 11, so is this a iPhone problem?


@majestic143 @sidb007 Are you both using iOS devices or Android? To better understand the issue, please let me know the app version, phone model and phone OS version. Thank you.

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I have escalated this matter to our internal team to look into further.

iPhone XS iOS 13.6.1.
Just to be clear it works with Ee but not with 3 using the same phone


@sidb007 I understand. Thank you for providing this information. What is the app version you are currently running? Can you please provide the DID# for your camera. To verify, from the app home screen, click on the hexagon symbol inside your camera thumbnail. Click on Camera Name. Please provide the full ID: (DID#). Thank you.

Apologies for the late reply. Was too engrossed in the other issue I had!

Version of app is 4.3.21
DID# is


I too use 3 UK. I’m an iPhone user on iOS 10 and can access the Yi Home app and both cameras in my set up without issue.

Could be an IOS issue as the latest is 13.6.1

Is there any update on this from the Yi techs?

Hey folks, sorry this is a tricky one.

Here is some info from engineering:

These -3003 errors are usually caused by network glitches. For example, a camera and mobile phone are connected to the same network, but the mobile phone switches to another network (for example, from your home WiFi to a 4G/LTE mobile internet, or work Wi-Fi), the camera can no longer connect.

Basically, the camera can reach our server, but the router that the camera is connected to rejects the packets sent by our server to the camera.

Generally for this type of issue we advice to check your router to make sure it does not block UDP packets. You may need to check your routers manual, or the router manufactures website for information on how to configure it.

An update. I have updated my phone to iOS 13.7 and now encountering this issue.

Phone Version: iPhone 7
Operating System: 13.7
YI App Version: 4.3.22

Previously I could access with no issue on the Three UK mobile/cell network but now even on the same cell towers as before YI won’t connect and simply remains for a time at 30% before giving the network -3003 error. (Can not view live, previous alerts or recordings on SD card)

Alerts / notifications are received but seem delayed. Tapping the alert and the 30% scenario is experienced.

It was working on Three UK and the same cell towers when I was using the same YI app version, the same iPhone but iOS 10.

Other apps and services work fine including numerous other smart home application and camera applications like Blink, Ring, Canary.


The nature of this issue the customer would be unable to check this. It is whilst accessing the mobile network.

Three UK would also state other apps and services are working and this for me at least is limited to YI Home app.

If there is something that the customer could ask Three UK (mobile telecommunications) to check in regards to links to YI it would be appreciated if the YI technical team could advise of the questions to ask.

Many thanks.

I am still having connection issues with the Yi app. The only workaround I have found to work is this.
You need to change the data connection on your phone from 4G to 3G. this will then connect to the camera and show picture. Once finished switch back to 4G.
I know it is not ideal but at least I can check the camera when out.
There must be a fix for this as so many others are having this issue


This is a good workaround and does seem to work.

4g with VoLTE (on or off) does not.

A really weird issue.

I wonder if the 4G signal may not be strong enough but that would not seem to fit that it works on iOS 10 and Android phones.

Needs stepping through I’m sure the YI techs will use the five whys methodology to help identify the cause.