Return requested but no response from Kami, HELP!

I ordered the door security base system from the kami website but they are all not working and its not what I expected so I want to return them all. I just received them a couple days ago and I emailed support 3 times on the support email and the tech email but I have still not received any response from you! There is no number listed and the one I found in the forum when I called no one answered. What kind of support is this?? I was told 24 hour responses via email and its been almost three days now. I bought from your website because of the 30 day return policy.
HELP what do I do to return my products and get my money back??

Hello @angad789 Thanks for coming to the community. The forum is place to come for discussion around our products, software, and how our customers use them.

I am sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with the security kit. Can you please send me the ticket number assigned to your case by our support team? I will pull it up and see what I can do to move the process along.

Thanks for your patience.