Not pairing after working fine

Hi I brought a box off 4 1080 cameras back in Jan 2021 ,there where working fine till a few weeks ago 3 out the 4 just stopped working, I have bought anther box from you, need to k ow if there under warranty to send back to you… so u can replace them …
Or is there anything you can suggest I do to try make
Many thanks tony

Hello. Take a look at this thread

But it’s strange that multiple cameras just suddenly stopped working at the same time.

Have you had any recently environmental changes? Any changes to your ISP?

It’s strange though that 3/4 you have previously working have stopped. You may need to fully reset the cameras.

Regarding the one working anything different with that one to the other three?

For the warranty support that would be via the retailer. If you bought from Kami or Yi Store then it would be an email to customer services.