Multicam View is Now Available on Mobile!

We are happy to announce the launch of a highly requested feature. Both Kami Home and YI Home apps now have a multi-cam view that displays a live stream of up to four cameras to provide whole-home monitoring at a glance. The new feature is available for all YI and Kami paid subscription plan holders. A multi-cam view is also available for free for all YI and Kami security camera users in our PC Windows and Mac desktop applications.

I have used the multicam view myself. Although I only have two cams at the moment it still is a useful and time saving feature within the app. Awesome, thanks!

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Thats a good feature, but I think is be good if doesnt need to make a cloud subscribe.

Just my opinon.


Thank you both for the feedback @BrandenB and @Juarezpj :+1:

Your app is not working at all. There is a phantom update that won’t allow an update as well as no access to cameras. What is being done to fix this?


Mee to!! What is the Problem??