Kami wirefree camera not detecting motion

I’ve had my wirefree outdoor camera for a bit and I can’t seem to get it to detect motion appropriately. I have it indoors as a baby monitor if you will. I need to know if my son gets out of bed at night and I’m not getting any motion at all until the morning when he turns on the light. I know for a fact he got up at night because the bathroom light is on in the morning. I have motion detection always on as well as night vision IR light on. I’ve played with the settings and no matter what it’s not detecting motion at night. I have an SD card and cloud service, 60 second record, great wifi connection, deleted and readded it, switched from you home app to the kami app, contacted support and I’m not getting anywhere. We had a wired one in his room but the cord isn’t safe for him. Any suggestions?

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@boigrrlwonder no reason for the camera to not detect motion, can you attach the screen shot of your alerts page, camera settings page as well as the cloud page. If you are not comfortable doing it please send this information along with the text written above in an email to support@yitechnology.com please let me know if you dont get a resolution in 3 days on this open issue

@boigrrlwonder if the motion is getting detected during the day and not getting detected at night the only possible explanation is that the camera IR LEDs are not triggering, if thats the case please let us know. We will do the needful to do a no cost return and exchange with a new camera

Yes I think that is the issue. Thanks.