Kami Outdoor Security Camera installation fails

Last year I bought 4 Yi Outdoor Security Camera and installed it without any trouble. Today I wanted to add a new one to our security and because I could find any Yi I bought a Kami Outdoor Security Camera instead.
Unfortunatly, I cannot add it, no way !
First of all the cam says “welcome to Kami home” instead of “Ready to connect” !?
and no chance at all to read the QR code. I tried to reset (by clicking the button beside the SD card slot - 1 sec or 3 sec or even 10 sec ! with power on at the same time …) and I never got the message “reset successfully”, even nothing !
The only speech I can hear is “wlcome to Kami Home” !
I tried to upgrade the firmware, dowmloading the latest on https://kamihome.com/firmware/ with the name “home” or “home.bin” and nothing changed !
Could you please help me and advice me what’s wrong ?