Introducing Kami Mini with Face and Human Detection!

Hello forum folks!

I’m delighted to introduce a new product in the Kami Home Security indoor camera lineup—Kami Mini.

Kami Mini’s form factor might look familiar to some of you, but what is under the hood is brand new. Like all of our products, the thing that separates Kami and YI from the competition is our onboard Edge AI, and Kami Mini steps the intelligence factor up a notch with Face Detection technology.

What is Face detection? In a nutshell, Kami Mini will instantly send you an alert notification with a thumbnail-sized image of the face of anyone who enters its view. This clever camera also creates a collection of faces to make searching your alerts faster. Pretty neat stuff!

Kami Mini is available now from Amazon and will be available in the YI store very soon.

Do all the Kami cameras now have the abilities of this new one? Face detection, Alexa & Google integration, etc? I’d like to use in conjunction with the Kami wired Outdoor camera … if all the Kami’s will have the same capabilities. Thank you.

Hi @djmike0408 thanks for joining the forum. Face detection requires a new chip that has the algorithm built into it. So the older cameras will not be able to upgrade to gain this functionality. Probably more cameras from this point forward will come with face detection.

I think pretty much all the YI and Kami cameras (except for some older models) can work with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Great … thanks for the info. I’ve ordered a Kami Mini to check it out. I’ll keep my eyes open for new Kami outdoor wired with face detection. Thanks

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Nice one Michael! Let us know how you like it!

One more question for you … since I already use Yi Home app on my phone for my other Yi cameras … will I have to use the Kami app in order to have the face detection? If so, can I move all my other Yi cameras (Yi 1080p cameras) to the Kami app so that they all reside in one app for viewing?

Both the apps (YI and Kami) are interchangeable. So if you already have the YI Home app, there’s no need to install the Kami one. But, if you did install it you could open it and log in using your YI account and you would see all your cameras. I have both apps on my phone just incase one goes down.

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I have 3 question. 1-Pin protection is a block of the app or is a block of camera?Block camera could be a block also from outside hacker. Blocking my app is only for my children. Could you explain more? 2-Kami mini has 5ghz wi-fi or only 2.4 ghz…( From Amazon:Kami Mini Cameras will need to connect to a 2.4GHz band network. 5GHz WiFi band is not supported)I have a lot of interference around my house? 3-Kami face detection is processed inside cam…because from photo seems very little compared to Home 2 Ambarella and Home 3?


Hi @Lawrence123456, thanks for joining the forum. The pin is a software block. If someone where able to gain access to your username and password, they would also need to know your pin in order to view your cameras. So it’s an added layer of security. It’s very unlikely a hacker could gain access to the camera (unless they can somehow get your password) as they are end to end encrypted.

That is correct, 2.4GHz band only for the Kami Mini. And yes, the face detection is processed on the cameras chip.

Thanks a lot Mark, I received a lot of questions about… " china camera security". So I can replay that Pin is not only a block of the app visualization but a block of the camera and you can bypass it???

Hey Lawrence, the pin is a block at the app level. If you want to turn off the camera completely you can do that in the app (and the cameras status light will shut off). Also, some of the cameras like the Kami Indoor Camera, and Dome X, and Dome U have a privacy feature that flips the lens up so you can tell by looking at the camera that there is no way it could be recording.