Cloud Subscription with Apple Account

I tried to use the $79.99 trial from the Appstore, but my device is not compatible because of CVR. I then attempted the Basic YI plan from the Appstore the next day, but your app is still saying not compatible because of CVR, although CVR it doesn’t show an on the actual item. I don’t see a lower cost plan that would work for my device in that store, for a single device.

I purchased the $40 7-day subscription from your online store, for a single device. It is now trying to instruct me to add to the purchase to the Appstore but doesn’t give definitive instruction.

If I attempt to link my camera within your app, it’s still trying to offer the plans that are in the app, which is $11.99/mo. But I can see within your app that a new subscription has started today.

Can you assist me in using a Cloud service for an battery-operated outdoor camera?

Hi @cestlarita thank you for joining the forum. You’ve come to the right place :wave:

Did you find your 18 digit activation code for the plan you purchased from the website? Below is a guide about how to activate the cloud plan using the code. You can ignore the messages inside the app asking to purchase.

Once you’ve activated your cloud subscription here is how to add your camera to the cloud plan.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re still having trouble getting set up.