Cameras frequent offline


I’m having problems with my yi cameras. I have 3 of them and they keep on being offline most of the time. Sometimes 1 is working and the other two doesn’t. Sometimes 2 is working and the other one doesn’t.

Here are some info

  1. The indicator light are steady blue but still shows offline on YI Life app.
  2. They connect thru Wi-Fi and has good signal.
  3. Internet connection is working properly as I can browse the web and make video call.
  4. Restarting the router sometimes work sometime doesn’t.


Usually the issue with cameras going offline is with Internet signal. Try moving the cameras for a period of time beside the router and see if they go offline.

I have one camera that goes offline regularly, but I understand the signal at that point is poor. I remote start it and can often go saysbwith out going offline