App crashes every time I open it

The YIyoti app crashes every time I try to view alerts? I uninstalled the app and reinstalled several times, reset the camera several times I eve got a few other people to download the app and it did the same on their phones. At the same time the camera disappeared from my Alexa devices and it cannot be found again. What are the solutions?

Hey there @Dreadwitch, that is no good at all. Do you mind letting me know the make and model of your phone, and the camera that you are receiving those alerts from? Also, when did this start happening? Is this a new issue, or is this the first time you are using the app?

i am having the same issue on ALL my tablet devices (not phone) have tested on samsung tablet acer 2-in-1 tablet, firetab, and ipad… the Yi app loads but when u click to view any cam feed it will crash instead of loading the password screen. It does however load if i load the 4x4 multiview feed, so it seems to be something that most likely has to do with the screen resolution. i have submitted multiple tickets, bug error reports, feedback via app, etc etc for months and nothing has been resolved… i have paid for multiple cloud subscriptions for yrs and own mayb 10 different devices but if this isnt fixed soon i am switching to another company. Your product is useless if i cant even see my cam feed that i pay for!

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Hello @mzuniga3, sorry to hear about the issues you’ve encountered. Currently, the YI Home app is not yet optimized with tablets, Chromebook, or iPads, you might experience some issues with its features or functionality.
For now, we recommend using a mobile or PC device to view and access your camera properly.